Welcome to Amar Bangladesh Foundation

Amar Bangladesh Foundation

Amar Bangladesh Foundation was established with eight objectives for the development and promotion of service to the motherland Bangladesh. Honest and good citizen , environmental development and cleanliness, tree planting and beauty enhancement, education and skill development, assistance to food and the poor, medical and health care, social development and infrastructural development are the main activities of Amar Bangladesh Foundation. Amar Bangladesh Foundation will conduct the following 8 activities throughout the country.

Only honest and good citizens of Bangladesh can be members of this Foundation. Membership can be obtained through a brief sentence of Amar Bangladesh Foundation. Membership will be terminated if to break the terminated.

To carry out the activities of Amar Bangladesh Foundation, activities and services will be provided to the members of the Foundation by forming a unit in a geographical area or in a ward or at a union level or in educational institutions. Each unit will conduct 8 activities of Amar Bangladesh Foundation in that area.

Amar Bangladesh Foundation is a voluntary organization. Members of this Foundation will be dedicated to the patriotism and welfare of the people.

Citizens of Bangladesh Wherever you are, let me take my Bangladesh membership today to help our motherland to develop Bangladesh and to engage in the service of the people. Change yourself, change society and incorporate yourself as a warrior in building a better Bangladesh. Involve yourself in country service for Amar Bangladesh Foundation for a beautiful tomorrow.